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Virtual Reality (VR) can be used in aviation for practical training, aircraft maintenance, and in-flight entertainment.

AR & VR Solutions For Aviation


Training methods using VR and AR prove convenient and cost-effective for both the training organization and the trainees. VR and AR apps replicate and simulate the real flight environment and enable cabin crew to acquaint themselves with the aircraft’s environment.

Trainees can interact with virtual passengers in simulated scenarios and learn to handle various situations. The immersive technology can enable the flight crew to understand the nuances of flight operations without being physically present inside an aircraft. The entire structure of an airplane and its functions can be replicated through a virtual reality application.

With virtual reality technology solutions, flight operators can save on the training costs without compromising the training quality. It ensures that the flight attendants and the cabin crew are thoroughly acquainted with the intricacies of handling an aircraft and passengers.

Virtual reality allows airlines to reduce the costs on training alongside ensuring that their staff gets a thorough and hands-on experience of handling and operating flights.

Aircraft maintenance engineering

VR and AR solutions have changed modern-day aircraft maintenance practices. Flight engineers can inspect and examine each part of the aircraft to detect any anomalies. AR/VR provides real-time visuals of the aircraft, including the physically difficult-to-reach area. When used in combination with technologies including 3D scanning, etc., it can provide engineers with the opportunity to do a comprehensive inspection with safety, in a short period, compared to physical inspection.

In-flight entertainment

Many airlines are now providing VR headsets to passengers to enable them to enjoy world-class immersive entertainment. Passengers can watch movies, play games, etc., which particularly helps those who find it challenging to endure long flight journeys because of air sickness and general fatigue.

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