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AR and VR technologies can be deployed to provide a digital and immersive user experience for entertainment and business applications across various industry verticals. VR and AR solutions offer marketers the opportunity to present their products and services to the customer in a deeper context through immersive experiences.

Using virtual and augmented reality, prospective customers can trial a wide range of products without physically trying them, making it a handy tool for cosmetic and apparel companies. Shoppers can try on various products virtually, and once they decide to buy, can proceed to pay for it at the turnstiles, leading to a contactless purchase. Also, these technologies can display how the product will function, look and feel in different environments. For instance, it can show how the eyeliner that a lady has applied virtually, looks in the sunshine and indoors.

AR & VR Solutions for Marketing

The product-evaluation process becomes an experience for the customer, rather than just an estimate based on instinct. It also eliminates the need to maintain a large physical inventory, while simultaneously allowing the customer to try out many different products.

Virtual Reality platforms, through headsets, can replicate suitable environments for the customers, to allow them to appreciate the nuances of the products. Customers can virtually wear a watch or lie down on a piece of furniture to understand the product’s look and feel.

Augmented Reality technology solutions allow you to develop more engaging content for customers. The immersive experiences can deepen the customers’ trust in your brand as they will feel that you are backing the product by proving its efficacy.

Creatively showcasing your product and service can enhance user engagement and appreciation.

Vighnesh Inc. designs and deploys creative VR and AR solutions for rich, interactive, and immersive user experiences. It will enable consumers and prospects to test and evaluate your product or service on a no-obligation basis. Vighnesh Inc.’s Virtual and Augmented Reality platforms enhance buyer awareness by providing higher personalization, which, in turn, can expedite the buying process.

Vighnesh Inc. is a VR and AR development agency that can be trusted to provide unique and customized experiences during the buying process. As a Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality technology innovator, Vighnesh Inc. can create digital and immersive user experiences for marketing applications across various industry verticals.