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Why ask your guests to spend hours or days travelling to the venue when you can give them the experience of being at the event right at their present location?

With the help of Augmented Reality software solutions, virtual attendance has become the new norm.With the world in the throes of the Covid-19 pandemic, virtual participation provides both the attendees and the event organizer with a win-win equation. Moreover, the attendee would have to take out less time for participating in the event, and the organizers would gain access to a bigger pool of prospective participants.

AR & VR Solutions for Events

AR and VR’s potential for event organizers is not limited to improving footfalls.  From catalogs, attendance, ticketing, venue navigation, etc., it can bring functional improvements in nearly every aspect of the event planning. Augmented reality and virtual reality platforms can be created to improve the visitors’ experience in each aspect of the event. With AR and VR apps, you can provide a ‘wow’ experience to your audience and sweep them off their feet.

As an organizer, you can provide your prospective audience with a feel of the event through digital platforms. They can actually find themselves seated in the audience, enjoying the concert. They can navigate through the numerous stalls in a trade expo and find out one that interests them before stepping into the venue. For instance, automobile aficionados can be transported into the manufacturers’ workshop to find out the intricacies of manufacturing the car. A realty player can use VR apps to provide attendees with a virtual tour of how their apartments would look, once completed.

Vighnesh Inc. is an AR and VR development agency that can bring magic to your events. Its Virtual Reality software solutions can present all the aspects of the event to your attendees. From conference navigation interfaces, catalog presentations, exhibit viewing, and participant routing, Vighnesh Inc. can develop apps with all the features to improve your attendees’ experience.