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Virtual Reality (VR) combines digital technology with sensory stimulation to construct a simulated environment that places users within an imaginary world.

By deploying both VR and AR, event organizers can generate a greater impact at exhibitions through higher engagement levels. By deploying Virtual Reality apps and Augmented Reality devices, Vighnesh Inc. increases the exhibition’s footfalls as well as the conversions.

AR & VR for Solutions Exhibitions

Exhibitions, trade shows and expos are places where people meet, network, and explore how to forge a business relationship. These gatherings are great places to showcase your products and services. However, these events are hyper-competitive as exhibitors have to compete for the eyeballs of attendees. It often results in frenetic activity, which leaves the attendees and delegates fatigued. Consequently, it dissuades the attendees from attending exhibitions and trade shows.

Virtual and Augmented Reality provides a distinct edge to exhibitors and organizers keen on making a lasting impact.

Using Virtual Reality platforms, you can replicate an entire showroom, complete with immersive and captivating experiences, conveniently, without having to spend on expensive floor space.

A visitor visiting a 50 square foot stall of a machine tool manufacturer can be transported to the shop floor. A prospective home buyer can see himself enjoying a cup of tea on the balcony of a proposed leisure apartment. An automobile enthusiast can take a ‘test drive’ seated in the cubicle of an automobile manufacturer.      

By allowing the visitors access to your complete range, it creates an aura around your offerings. Also, the thrill of the experience ensures that the visitors are not exhausted by the information provided.

VR and AR solutions are powerful storytelling tools that make the visitor experience vivid and enable easy recall. The ‘wow’ experience paves the way for more comfortable and fulfilling conversions post the event. The experience will resonate long after the event is over and establish meaningful relationships with the visitors.

Vighnesh Inc. is Virtual Reality solutions combine functional expertise with technological prowess to create sensory stimulations that can transport users to an imaginary world. By deploying Virtual and Augmented technology solutions, Vighnesh Inc. increases the exhibition’s footfalls and conversions. By deploying both VR and AR, event organizers can significantly impact exhibitions through higher engagement levels.

Vighnesh Inc.’s VR and AR solutions enable exhibitors to give a 360-degree experience of their offerings without investing in expensive floor space and human resources.